Apollo AS 120 48” LED Sign

48" Digital Alphanumeric Wireless LED Display with Builtin Receiver & Real Time Clock (RTC)

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Alpha LED display
  • 20 characters per line
  • Message can be enter through public paging system or TE-100 Transmitter with optional computer software

AS120 Rich Sophistication:

  • Display memory of 163,200 bytes
  • 4.75" characters can be read at a distance of up to 200 feet
  • Display 20 characters per line
  • Real Time Clock (option)
  • Wireless data input; provide 3 different data format :
  • Text mode:
    - Accept 2,000 characters per message. Option news and sports broadcast service via public paging system
  • Graphic mode:
    - Software and transmitter provides the capability to control an entire network of signs from a personal computer. You could install the software with Windows Operation System in a variety of language version, then you could edit the foreign language up to 255 lines and creat your own graphic & logos. When you finished it, you could send the data via the transmitter to the Alpha sign to show them
    - 24 mode of operation: Scroll, Roll, and Flash etc., to capture potential customers
  • Mix mode: (Mix Text mode and Graphic mode)
  • With the combination of text mode and graphic mode, graphic will be presented first, up to 50 lines and then appear the text (maximum to 2000 characters) when the message received
  • Transmitter and software are optional


Apollo AS 120 48” LED Sign
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