Unication Alpha Legend / Elegant

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Unication Alpha Elegant pager supports exciting capabilities in messaging and can become an animate part of your business and personal life. Besides the basic 4-line display of the pager, it has strong and customizable zoom display of 4 lines to 2 lines for your clear viewing. Incorporated powerful functionality including Auto Backlight Brightness Sensor, improved efficiency, message lock and Time and Date Display will bring your work or life into the convenient communication era.

A whole new Alphanumeric Pager, Alpha Legend/ Elegant comes with display flexibility. Customize your own pager display to suit your daily operations.

  • 4 Line/ 2 Line Text Messaging
  • Programmable Default Zooming
  • 20 Alphanumeric Characters per Line
  • EL Backlight and Brightness Sensor for Auto Backlight
  • Time and Date Display (Format Programmable)

A variety of alerting modes can be assigned to each address.

  • Alert Tone Programmed via PPS or Front Panel
  • Reminder Alert Tone Selectable
  • 7 Alert Modes Selectable (Standard Alert, Escalating Alert, Vibrating, Intermittent Vibrate, Vibrating & Alert, Vibrating then Alert, Chirp and Silent)
  • 16 Audio Alerts and 2 Vibrating Alerts (Normal & Intermittent)
  • Expanded Alerting Options for Maildrop

A variety of audio and icon indicators provide status information for:

  • Unread messages, Out of Range, Battery, Memory Full, Alarm Clock, Private Time On, On/ Off Duty Indicator, Alert Mode Indicator


  • 8 RIC (32 sub-addresses)/ 16 RIC (64 sub-addresses)
  • On/ Off Duty Receiving Mode
  • Total 32 KB Message Memory Capacity
  • Duplicate Message Detection
  • Important Messages Lock
  • Notebook Entries
  • Message Preview, Time and Date Stamping, Alarm
  • Auto On/ Off
  • Up to 2025 characters for 1 Personal Message
  • Up to 5052 characters for 1 Maildrop Message
Unication Alpha Legend / Elegant
$89.00 Per Unit
All Devices