Unication Gearstar Coaster

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Unication Gearstar Coaster Client Management Pager

Perfect for health care facilities, restaurants, churches and anywhere your customers are waiting for
service. Give them the ability to travel your facility, campus or surrounding area. Let them shop, eat and
explore while they wait. Waiting is not something your patients and clients suffer gladly. IPN’s Client
Management Coaster pagers can help your staff manage your waiting rooms efficiently and give them
more time to work with your clients.

When you are paged, the LED buzzes, beeps or vibrates with red light.

Indicator/ Alert
Choices of Alerts:
You can choose between different modes of alerts: Vibrate, Beep and LED blink.

Page Alert:
When you receive page, vibration, beep or LED blink alerts can work at the same time. You can also choose between one or two of the three different modes of alerts at the same time.

Low Battery Indicator:
When battery power reaches low level, red light starts blinking, prompting you to change battery. All pagers alerts change to one second in length.

Unication Gearstar Coaster
$99.00 Per Unit
All Devices